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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. live from cleveland's news center, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. breaking news right now at 4:00. a trooper hit and killed on i-90 west in lakewood. >> mark: all lanes are closed from the i-90 to i-71 split downtown. the detroit road hour. shanice dunning live with what we have so far. shanice. >> shanice: yes, mark. the ohio state highway patrol just released a statement saying that 48-year-old kenneth valez, the trooper here in this accident, has passed away after this accident on i-90 west. part of that statement reading our prayers go out to the valez family during this difficult time. we also know from the statement he leaves behind three children. this accident happened around
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see the scene. some of the cars involved as investigators comb through what happened. what all we know is that tooper valez was hit when he was outside of his car. again, this happened at 1:00 near the mckinly avenue exit on i-90 west. we did see one man escorted in handcuffs. we don't know all of the information and what unfolded before this accident happened. again, the ohio state highway patrol releasing aes trooper has died after the accident. we'll bring you more and keep you updated online. again, remembering that this also does have a traffic effect with lanes of i-90 west being closed. we'll bring you more information as this story unfolds. right now getting answers in lakewood, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: all right, shanice, thank you very much. and live pictures now from 71. a lot of drivers going to have to detour here. it looks like traffic actually starting to pick up just a little bit.
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split. jon loufman live in the traffic center right now with an update on the traffic situation. john. >> jon: you're looking at this picture. and we are looking at speeds of 5 miles per hour as you're coming out of town. now, look simply put and we'll enlarge this here in just a minute, you're going to need to take the shoreway if you're headed out of town. take route 6, clifton boulevard, take lake if you're traveling west. you're not going to be able to do it any other way. go across the detroit bridge. cross detroit. but you're going to have to get beyond warren road before you can try to get back on to 90. it is just a mess out there. these traffic numbers, 5 miles per hour, 4 miles per hour, 15 miles per hour here on 480. and this is a separate incident. these are pretty typical and many places it's just simply bumper to bumper. so if you are planning on getting out of town, they're in the clearing stages on some of
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closed. and the way to go is lake, cliff side, route 6, detroit road if you're headed west. and you would normally have taken route 90. i'll have an update and new maps for you in just a few minutes. happening right now, shawn grate is charged with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping. on tuesday, police arrested him at a house in ashland where two women's bodies were found. he led them to a third body in mansfield. >> grate will face a judge and video arraignment in just over an hour. >> romona: meanwhile, we're still waiting on the id of the second body. denise zarrella spent the day in ashland. she is live with the charges grate faces. >> denise: ramona, we're inside the ashland county courthouse now where a video arraignment will take place. if you look over my shoulder, you'll see the projection screen that we expect to see shawn
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we know the judge is also out of town on this particular case. so both will be appearing by video. we're going to take you to tuesday again when shawn michael grate was arrested. and he was arrested back on tuesday when a woman, if you remember, dialed 911. said she had been kidnapped. police showed up at the house on covert court, found the woman who claims she had been kidnapped. found grate. and then found the bodies of two women. one of them 43-year-old stacy stanley. and we know grate formally charged with one count of kidnapping, two counts of murder. and as you mentioned, the name, a lot of people here in ashland are awaiting the name of the second victim found inside that house. we will be inside this courtroom for this video arraignment and bring you more coming up in a live report at 5:00. for now we're asking questions and getting answers. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> romona: and we have continuing coverage on this story. coming up in just a few minutes, a cleveland 19 exclusive.
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told tiffani tucker she's lucky to be alive and describes how he stalked her. we're also following new developments from columbus where police shot and killed a 13-year-old after apparently mistaking a bb gun for a real gun. cleveland 19 chris tanaka explains this incident does have similarities to the tamir rice case. >> chris: it does. it started with a report of an armed robbery down in columbus when officers approached a group of three people. two of them tried to take the suspects into custody. police say one of them pulled a bb gun from his waste band. the columbus police says their officers thought it was a real gun and opened fire killing 13-year-old tyree king. much like cleveland officers claim they thought tamir rice had a real gun in november of 2014 when they fatally shot him. the chief explained her officers felt by the looks of the teen's
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>> we don't have enough facts to know anything about how -- >> chris: police are also still searching for one of the three suspects. the officer involved in the shooting is on administrative leave. getting answers, chris tanaka, cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you, chris. we're learning more about a teen teenager killed in a school bus accident in norton yesterday catherine bosley has been getting answers all day. she's live now with the details. catherine. >> reporter: ramona, you can see behind me the makeshift memorial in honor of that student here at norton high school is growing. really that's just a few feet from this area where the accident itself happened. and it is being called, indeed, a horrible accident. but it's the kind of thing that can affect an entire communities, especially one like norton, which means right now it's time to focus on healing
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richmond. he's from barberton but he has been with norton. he was on a skateboard when he was hit by a school bus just pulling out. it was witnessed by many. students, staff, even those calling by calling 911. with that the superintendent's first priority right now is to make sure grief counseling is available to anyone who needs it. >> you have people that are going to havee place. and how do you assist with that and how can you put pieces together that will help them get through this difficult time. >> reporter: yes. so a lot of pieces to put together. and he says grief counselors will be on hand at the school as long as they're needed. and apparently tehey're going t be needed when only 50% of the high school students were in
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up on cleveland 19 at 5:00. reporting live in norton, catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> mark: catherine, thank you. sentencing today for a woman who pass the out in a car from a pair rin -- passed out in a car from a heroin overdose. the picture went viral. the judge sentenced her to 180 days in jail and a fine for child endangering conduct and intoxication. the charges stem from this incident last week. li erratically. the officers approached and found the passenger passed out. the driver passed out a short time later. report cards for all of ohio's schools. and many of them didn't do very well. dan deroos is at the answer center with more on this. dan. >> dan: we're hearing a lot from educators saying these grades aren't fair because the department of education changed the parameters of some of the
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they're going to change them again next year. people are saying they have to shake this out. some of these are pretty telling. let's get to the major one first. cleveland municipal school district f across the board in every category. achievement, gap closing. k-3 literacy. graduation rate. this is the one that's usually pretty alarming, especially for cleveland schools. they're only graduating 69.1% of the students in four years. those that take five years still ly again, fs across the board. let's do our other major school district. first here is canton. again, fs almost across the board. the only way they get a d in the progress area is that they're gifted students are performing very well. they get an a there. and students with disabilities also getting a c. and then let's do akron while we're at it. akron, again, fs across the board. almost except for d in k-3
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proficiency there. you're probably wondering how your school district did. and they've even given out grades for specific schools. how do you find that? extremely simple. we've put it on the app. you have the cleveland 19 app. get the phone out. you'll be able to get right to your school and district. ramona. >> romona: we still have a lot of work to do >> mark: we sure do. let's get to the weather now. we're going to give jeff for the weather out there. >> mark: absolutely. first alert weather with a look at the forecast. >> jeff: very comfortable. high clouds out there. a little on the breezy side. a strong lake breeze that has set up. it's pretty breezily along the lakeshore. we are at a very pleasant 74 by 5:00. about 71 here if you're just heading out the door. lots of sunshine until the sun goes down. and it's going to be cool out there tonight.
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73 downtown north wind at 16. akron-canton, you are at 73 as well. after the clear and cool night, it will be warmer tomorrow. and then this hasn't changed. still calling for that unsettled weekend. this is a slow front. rain and storms at least the risk will be with us a good portion of the weekend. i'm going to bring you the details on that coming up. guys, back to you. also coming up, a cleveland 19 news excle. suspect in three murders tells us why she is lucky to be alive.
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. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: and now a cleveland 19 news exclusive. we talked with a former girlfriend of shawn grate, the man charged with two murders and the discovery of three bodies in richland and ashland counties. >> romona: from t gave us, it sounds like she was living in fear. cleveland 19's tiffani tucker sh shares her terrifying story. >> he told them he would come back to get me. >> tiffani: christina describing her final encounter with shawn grate. the two dated for five years. she says at first he was charming. then later signs of a temper. the couple lived together. >> he would grab me and he flipped me over the end of the
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broke my hand. when he punched me, he broekd my hand. he had choke me. i had bruises down my face. he threw me into the bathtub. >> reporter: june 2010, christina ended up at bucyrus community hospital with bruises to her hand and face. bruises, she says, that grate gave her after a heated argument. >> kind of makes inyour stomach turned. >> reporter: she says she feared for her life and couldn't take it anymore. christin f violence complained ending her violent relationship with a man who is now a suspect in connection with three murders. >> had i not filed that, i would have never gotten away from him. he would have ended up killing me. >> reporter: police tried to track grate down for several days after christina filed that complaint. she says he stalked her even hiding in her apartment where police finally arrested him. >> he hid in the bottom of my sofa. he actually climbed up into the bottom of the sofa and he hid
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wants others who could find themself in an abusive relationship to look for the warning signs before it's too late. >> get out. get out at your very first opportunity because you never know. it can be you next. >> tiffani: grate served 80 days for that domestic violence case and got a five year protection order. i spoke with christina again this afternoon. she tells me for years she lived in fear. she says now that grate is behind bars in this latest case, she that she won't have to look over her shoulder ever again. mark. >> mark: tiffani, thank you. two findlay high school freshman could face charges for what they posted on instagram. take a look at this. in the post two girls holding toy guns and a homemade sign that reads "i hate everyone, you hate everyone, let's shoot up the school at homecoming". the superintendent and high school principal say the post was an inappropriate take on an online movement to bring people
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friends together. >> the difference is their next statement is not in the other website statement. so basically these students took it to a level you should never take it to. >> once it's posted, it never goes away. you need to think about what you're posting. >> mark: the students involved have been suspended and could face expulsion and criminal charges. serious and potentially long-term punishment for a simple post on social media. caught on jersey woman suffers burns on her hands after an e-cig ret battery exploded inside her purse. the 29-year-old reached for her bag when checking out at the mall and heard a loud bang in her purse. then it started smoking. other shoppers started running as this happened on the anniversary of 9/11. just a heads up, everybody.
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roadways. not just what's going on i-90 but 71. we're getting a report of an accident that's closed 77. jon loufman is working on that part of things. just keep in mind it may very well be a slow go for you even though weather is not an issue out there. just some high clouds. that's what we have going on. northeast wind coming in off of the lake. keeping things a little breezy there. it's comfortable. only 74, 75 degrees right now. there is some warmer air, though, that will be tomorrow. look at the temperature in st. louis. they're approaching 90. so in advance of this front, i think tomorrow we're going to at least be in the low 80s around here. but this after a cool night. we have the ingredients there with that clear sky. 8:00 temperatures will be in the mid 60s. 11:00 already dropping into the 50s. 57 akron. there you see there 54 wooster at 2:00 a.m. so when you get up tomorrow
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50s with the exception along the immediate lakeshore. look at how we go up tomorrow. 11:00 a.m., well in the 70s. there you go. by 2:00 in the afternoon, 80 to 82 degrees i think will be a common number. now we get ready for the rain. so we're dry tomorrow. i think friday night football games should be okay tomorrow evening. clouds will be on the increase. the first batch of rain could get in here later tomorrow night. and then as we go through the day on storms. now, these are not expected to be severe. and it's not going to be raining all of the time. but because of the slow moving nature to this system, the first alert day will actually start on saturday. it's with us through the weekend unfortunately. the risk of rain and storms will be all day. even in the morning. now, obviously once you get daytime heating going afternoon, evening, that will be the better opportunity. it's going to be wet at times throughout the course of the
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you have waves 2-4 feet out there on the lake with a mod moderate chop. once the wind goes light, cool temps. 51 in akron-canton. 53 for your low. sunny to partly cloudy and 82 degrees. watch out fast these temps go up. 52 at 7:00 a.m. by noon, we're going to be up to 78 for the lunch b all right. into the weekend we go. i wish i had better news for you here. but we're going to be seeing waves of rain and storms. 76 on saturday. humid on saturday and saturday night. 66 the low. now, for the browns game it's showers and storms but mainly the first half of the day. yes, there's going to be a little risk of rain in the afternoon. but i'm still hopeful that we'll be dry for the browns game. stay tuned. 77. monday partly cloudy.
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75. and then it heats up wednesday and thursday of next week. there you go, guys. >> mark: jeff, thank you. still ahead it's what's trending. see what celebrity toddlers are on vacation wut mommy and daddy.
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. welcome back. what's trending who? and wait until you hear why. >> romona: and kristin bell is trending for pink sourcing. >> why outsource to far away countries like india, china and narn yeah. when we have the cheapest work force right here in the good old usa. women. that's right. with pink sourcing, women are a bargain at the workplace since you only have to pay them $0.77 on the dollar. right, kathy? >> wait? i make $0.60.
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>> i make $0.55. who is she? [ laughing ] >> no. come on. those are men. [ laughing ] >> romona: bell posted this satire on the gender wage gap between men and women. it's the first of ten weekly episodes of a new comedy series called celebs have issues in the huffington post. na remember her name? she turned her life around. she gave birth to octuplets. she came under fire when she already had six kids, unemployed and on welfare. she took up stripping and porn film. got addicted to pain pills. she is now clean and sober and has a job as a family counselor. >> romona: good for her. never too late to turn your life around. >> mark: hope so. kanye west and wife kim were
4:26 pm
on vacation with their nannies. kanye is on tour and kim kardashian is at new york's fashion week. so the famous brother and sister had quality time with their babysitters along with their cousins penelope, mason and rain who are courtney kardashian's children, if you're keeping up. don't worry. daddy will be in florida on friday because he has a show that night. >> mark: plus i heard the kids have frequent flyer mith they wanted to cash them in before the end of the year. >> romona: they probably love their nannies. so good vacation. >> mark: absolutely. let's take a peek outside. you're looking at live pictures outside. traffic continues to back up. we have the deadly accident on i-90 earlier this afternoon involving an ohio state trooper. we're going to have a live
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we continue to follow breaking news right now at 4:00. an ohio state trooper has been killed and i-90 west is closed out of downtown to the rocky river westlake border. >> mark: cleveland 19 harry boomer live at metrohealth medical center now. harry. >> harry: guys, it's sad to say that the trooper, his name is kenneth valez. the cleveland post has died. he was struck when he was conducting a traffic outside of his trooper on i-90 outside of his cruiser on i-90 west near mckinly. that being in lakewood. he's 43 years old. the accident happened about 12:50 this afternoon. the family just arrived. went into here at metro to be with his body at this point. they were escorted by other troopers as they got to this particular scene here at metro.
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old. graduated a member of the 100 18th academy back in november 1, '99. he is survived by his wife and three children. and as we understand, one of his children is in the marines -- in the navy. and, of course, we just saw some young children go into metro here where he was pronounced dead. this happened, again, trooper valez killed as he was hit by a car o mckinley in lakewood. we have some video that we'll be talking -- showing you a little bit later on. and as you said, the interstate is closed down. we'll have more reports for you at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00. back to you in the studio. >> mark: all right, harry. thank you. the city of cleveland issued more than $8 million in parking tickets just last year. now it may have to pay some of
4:32 pm
carl monday feel some motor roists may have been wrongly ticketed because of miss placed signs and the state and private contractor. carl is getting answers in the mystery of cleveland parking meters. >> i can't make this up. >> harry: no, don simpson didn't make it up. it really happened. and after we began investigating, we learned it could have happened to dozens, possibly hundreds of motorists who parked in cleveland. back in march of this year, simpson pulled his chrysler mini van into a parking spot and deposited coins into meter number 5398. when he returned to his van, he found a present on his windshield complements of the city of cleveland. >> and i noticed i had a parking ticket on my car. i immediately checked the meter to see had it expired, and it had not.
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meter. he was cited for parking in the no parking zone. the picture taken shows the city posted a no parking any time sign on a utility pole pointed in the direction of a row of working parking meters. >> something is funny here. >> reporter: in may, simpson sent the pictures along with a written challenge to the clerk of courts. a month later, he was informed that the parking hearing officer had made a ruling that he was parked unlauwfully insufficient proof to reverse the citation and the $25 fine is now 50 bucks. >> that's me. >> reporter: carl monday, cleveland 19. >> hi. >> reporter: do you got a second? brian mahone is the hearing officer who reviews all disputed parking tickets, including don simpson's. >> i couldn't tell you why he gets a ticket. i don't write the tickets. >> reporter: but why did you uphold the ticket? during our surprise visit, he reviewed the case and admitted
4:34 pm
his ten years of ruling undisputed parking tickets. >> maybe the city had the wrong sign up there. >> that's what it looks like to me. >> reporter: a mistake we've now learned could involve more than just don simpson. we reviewed all tickets issued to motorists cited for parking illegally at 21st and prospect. we found 39. that's just the first three months of this year. how many other locations has it happened at? we went to city hall for answers and talked to the man who oversees parking enforcement. public works director michael cox who admits they messed up. >> we own it up we made mistakes here. we did not do -- we did not have what we needed to have and people got confused. >> reporter: you weren't trying to break the law. >> that's why i fed the meter. >> reporter: and now it's up to 50 bucks and the meter is running. the city says no one, including don simpson, should pay for a parking ticket they don't deserve.
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11:00. getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> mark: okay, carl, thank you develop. and turning now to campaign 2016, donald trump and hillary clinton tried to focus on the issues while the rest of the country focused on their health. kraig boswell at the white house now with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton was steady on her feet as she walked to meet the press on her campaign's plane. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing -- i'm doing great. thank you so much. >> reporter: she's back on the trail for the her legs buckled during a 9/11 memorial event in new york last sunday. clinton released her health records wednesday showing a ct scan revealed pneumonia. she was prescribed a ten day course of antibiotics and rest. trump followed suit thursday and disclosed he's taking a drug to lower his cholesterol. >> i've experimented with three stat ins and one seems for me to work the best. and it's really brought my cholesterol down into a good
4:36 pm
white house has been tightening with trump gaining ground in state and national polls. >> polls are coming out. we're leading in so many polls. i can't tell you. i don't know where to begin. but that's a good feeling. >> reporter: trump has cut clinton's lead in the latest cbs news poll. she has a two-point edge, but that's within our poll's margin of error. trump touted a plan to lower taxes during a speech of the economic club of new york while clinton will focus on children and families during a rally in north carolina. craig boswell, cbs ne white house. at least seven children have been hospitalized after getting the same procedure at a california dental clinic. hundreds of more children could be at risk. john blackstone reports. >> reporter: doctors are clothesly monitoring 3-year-old jebron after operating an abscess suspected by a dangerous
4:37 pm
going to the dentist? >> yes. you're going to come in and come out. but it didn't happen like that. now he has this infection. >> reporter: his parents are taking him to the children's dental group in anaheim in may for a common procedure known as a baby root canal. health officials say he's more than one of half a dozen children that had the procedure at the same clinic and developed symptoms of a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. >> it's resistant to treatme quickly. >> reporter: the public officer investigating the clinic. >> i have not seen these types of cases in the ten years that i've been here. >> reporter: the clinic has agreed to stop performing the procedure for now. >> we are doing everything, whether it's sterilization or anything else that relates to taking care of the patients. we are on it. >> reporter: because the
4:38 pm
they are contacting hundreds of children that have had the procedure. >> what's beginning on. >> reporter: health officials are looking to locate the source which they believe was in water used in equipment which is used during the procedure. results are expected by next week. john blackstone, cbs news, anaheim. >> romona: all seven kids who were hospitalized have developed abscesses which can take up to six months to appear. all right. over in the first alert weather center here. it's been a good time to be a weather guy here as of or gal. >> jeff: yes. not so much, though, this weekend. that's what everybody cares about. we have a lot of stuff happening this weekend. you're going to be dodging the showers and storms from time to time. we'll see if that affects things coming up like the tribe game, the browns game. one of the problems we're seeing now on area roadways with some high cloud cover. this is 77 coming out of downtown and jon is going to
4:39 pm
little bit. cool and clear tonight. unsettled weekend with waves of showers and storms. and actually the first wave could get in here as early as saturday morning. and pretty much with us through the weekend. note the slightly cooler temperatures along the lakeshore. 71 sandusky. 74 cleveland. but you have 77 dover-new philly. and that's with the lake breeze. it is pretty windy along the lakeshore right now. 71 in westlake. but you have 76 shaker heights and brecksville. cleveland 19 first alert weather ha app, very big changes. it is the best app where you get the most accurate forecast and hourlies. then we'll be dropping through the 60s and eventually into the 50s with a clear sky. almost, almost a full moonlit sky out there tonight. so here is the alert day on saturday. showers and storms. the risk will be all day.
4:40 pm
here. a few of these storms could contain downpours from time to time. and it won't be raining every single minute this weekend. sunny to partly cloudy, though, tomorrow for your friday. 82. 57 at 8:00 a.m. 73 at 11:00. and we're going to be around 80 degrees there at 2:00 in the afternoon. akron-canton increasing clouds but you'll be dry during the day. 82 degrees the forecast there. i'll havre the traffic with jon. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> jon: a couple of looks at the results of the fatality on 90. one result is that as we're looking at warren road, this is car free. simply because the road is closed. where can you get on? well, let's switch computers and take a look at the entrance ramp on mckinley on to 90 as we flip
4:41 pm
at the traffic computer, please? there it is. okay. well, here is a shot of folks trying to get out of town on pearl road. we don't have a traffic computer, i'm guessing. you get on at -- there it is. okay. here traffic coming on to 90 at mckinley. east of that, everything is clear simply because the road is closed. let's take a look at some travel times. going around deadman's curve, 11 miles per hour through here trying to get south. but it is going to be a difficult go. 490, seven miles an hour. when you get here, this road is closed. this, of course, is 90. so you have to take 77 south. or 71 south rather. 77 south 5 miles per hour. folks who have had the heads up and know that you have to take the shoreway are going at a very
4:42 pm
westbound difficult to travel, it is going to be a very slow go. now, not only are we going in single figure miles per hour here, but i want to close in also on the one last place -- oh, my goodness. 77 outbound. and 71 northbound at 480. 0 miles per hour. why? it is closed. this is a completely unrelated accident just come in. and so now what you're going to have to do is go either east or west on 480. 71, rather, simply buzz the road is closed due it an accident. i'll keep you apprised. it's going to be an ugly go here despite the beautiful weather and we'll turn it back to the desk. all right, jon. still ahead at 4:00 time out with sports director tony zarrella. we're talking about the browns quarterback situation and where we go from here.
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. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> romona: all right, tony. i was trying to talk about the browns on my facebook page. no one is excited it seems. >> tony: that's strange going into the home opener. >> romona: yes. >> tony: beautiful weather. >> romona: browns fans. >> tony: on monday after the rg injury, i said start the clock on 2017. whoa, whoa, whoa. now nationally everybody has
4:46 pm
philosophy. the one thing that this injury did do was told the browns, yes, you can't get roped into a coverage zone and not look ahead to drafting your next franchise quarterback. >> romona: but i like josh mccown. but you said he's only, won, what, 2 of 20 games? who's counting? >> tony: well, you know, he was 1 for 8 last year and the year before in tampa it was even worse. so, yes, if you look at the numbers. the problem is this kid kesler isn't remotely ready. nothing is going to happen to josh. that sounds great. if josh mccown goes down, they're in a world of hurt. >> romona: we take on the ravens and he has their numbers. >> tony: he does. >> romona: he's going to light them up again. all right. the cavs are -- it's almost time for them to come back. but jr is still not signed. >> tony: yes. he is not signed. there were rumors out there the lakers were trying to put together something. last friday was jrs 31st
4:47 pm
tweeting him. proud of you, bro. all of the stuff you're saying. i can't wait to team up. you're my wing mate and we're going to go forward. the bottom line is it's almost certain j.r. smith is coming back. he wants 13, 14 million. they're at 10 million. >> romona: come on. meet in the middle. >> tony: delly is getting 13 million. >> romona: and moskov. >> tony: come on. it's easy to it's not our money. >> romona: yes. >> tony: the wine and gold scrimmage is october 2nd. browns are on the road that day in washington. so the q, that's the start of it. >> romona: yes. all right. can't wait. let's go over to mark. >> mark: all right. can't wait. what's going on at 5:00? >> we continue to follow the breaking news about the officer killed on 90. plus the man accused of
4:48 pm
vacant house is going to find out what charges have been filed about him. we'll bring you a life report from court. and summer may be winding down but new legislation heating up on capitol hill that would prevent parents from leaving kids in their hot cars and it's sponsored by an ohio congressman. chris and i will see you at now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers
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. always watching, always tr tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: feazel roof cam. tonight it will be a cool start to the day. we do warm up in the afternoon. take the 7. so we're going to be at about 82 is what i'm forecasting tomorrow. sunny to partly cloudy. it's going to be much warmer
4:52 pm
but then even as early as saturday morning, we're going to get some showers and storms in here. these are not expected to be severe. but i do have an alert saturday, saturday night and even on sunday for the browns game. showers and storms around. it looks like on sunday, though, the better opportunity will be the first half of the day. not so much in the afternoon. but there is still going to be a risk. that system clears out. monday partly cloudy. 76. a little sunny. 75. and at least around 80 we're thinking wednesday and thursday of next week. and after sunday, it is looking pretty dry out there in the extended forecast. mark, back to you. >> mark: jeff, thank you. do you love yoga? forget downward dog. how about downward dote.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. hi, ramona. >> romona: hi, mark. >> mark: what percentage of for dinner tonight? >> romona: 30%? >> mark: i'm sorry. only 10%. >> romona: they don't like it as much as i do.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
. high winds caused a bizarre scene in china. >> romona: yes. they sent a huge bloom blowing down city trees. and it was all caught on camera. a typhoon slammed into china's coast, a giant inflatable moon from a loc free. it rolled down the street and over cars. look at that thing. luckily no one was hurt. this close encounter gave crews eventually a chance to catch this moon. [ laughing ] >> romona: that's incredible video. >> mark: and when you think of yoga, you think of goats, right? well, who doesn't. well, one oregon health farm thinks the combo isn't all that
4:57 pm
the goga has become a hit. as for the health benefits of having a healthy goat chewing on your mat while you're in a downward dog, that is unknown. no doubt it's funny. there's a waiting list for 500 people ready to namaste with the yoga goats. >> romona: all righty then. >> mark: it could happen. all right. still ahead in our next half-hour, we continue to follow our live coverage of breaking news. an accident trooper killed and the highway
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia streets borough. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now.
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a state trooper has been killed on the highway. he was out of his car on i-90 when he was struck and killed near the cleveland lakewood border. velez was a 27 year veteran. shanice dunning is live getting answers on how it happened. >> reporter: we are overlooking 90 west now before the mckinley avenue exit. and you can investigators have been working on for hours. that seems to be trooper velez's car and troopers are putting together what happened. what we know, at 1:00 trooper velez was outside his car conducting traffic enforcement working when he was struck he was taken to metro hospital where he did pass away. we are working on getting more details what led up to this.


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